deck the halls: the second floor

We spend a good amount of time on the upper level of our home, so it made sense to me that it be decorated for the season as well.

I kept it simple with a little silver tinsel tree in our bedroom. This is the only tree I did this year that is “colorless” although I could see adding some fun chartreuse ornaments later on to match our throw pillows.

For now, a set of silver/gold balls and my “calendar” ornaments hang on this tree. I started collecting this ornament from Crate & Barrel the year we were married and have made a point to purchase one each year since and include a wallet-sized photo from that year. I hope they don’t stop making these any time soon, but I figure if and when they do, I can switch to a new style and mix and match.

For Page’s office, a funky green frame of he and his best friend and both dads taken at Christmas in 2006 is one of the fun xmas things to break out. Page had been asking for a skier nutcracker for years and I finally found a reasonable one last Christmas so Page was excited when I pulled him out of the box.

No office is complete without a tree. I love how these ornaments are so very Page, from skis and dirty martinis to golf balls and gambling. šŸ™‚

I’ve never been a huge fan of blue Christmas ornaments, and maybe I’ve never paid attention before, but it seemed the deep blue hue was everywhere this season. Who knew Wal Mart was on to the Manolo blue craze? šŸ˜‰

Love, love, love my blue bows!

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  • Super nice the way you decorated upstairs. Love the blue in your office and Page’s tree is very nicely decorated with personal touches. I too decorate each room. This year we have 7 trees. One in each room except for my stepsons room. Next year he will get his. This year I added 2 more, totaling 7. The girls got there’s this year.
    Love your sense of style and the way you decorate your home. TFS. Ana

  • I LOVE your trees! the one in your living roomw ith the over sized ornaments may be my favorite! <3

  • Absolute shot in the dark, but are you interested in selling your Inked Nutcracker? We are collecting this set from CB2 (a new one comes out every year) and are just missing this one as it was the first in the series.

  • Hi Sara! I’m not sure I can part with him ha — CB2 makes such fun things! But if I ever run out of room for him, I’ll remember your comment and seek you out!

  • No worries! Thanks for responding šŸ™‚ Enjoy the nutcracker and your cute little one. Mine was born on 1/21/15, so it seems we are both funky nutcracker and cute January baby fans.

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