Greer: Year One, Fourth Quarter

Ten months:

You eat anything we give you, have popped three teeth, love to clap and bounce to music, and you’ve clocked in at just shy of twenty pounds of goodness. This month included your first flights, first (toe) dip in the ocean, and crawling!

Eleven months:

You are starting to pull up on things, have several teeth, are obsessed with books and your brothers toys and spend your days crawling laps and laps around the house looking for things you shouldn’t be doing like eating toilet paper or chewing on cords. You have been saying mama, dada, and baba for a while but recently added ball, all done, and sometimes hi to your vocabulary. If music is on, you dance and “sing” babble along, and when something makes you especially happy you smile and scrunch your nose audibly snorting, pop your thumb in your mouth and give whatever is making you happy your full attention. You had your first tummy bug this month but also your first rides in your pink car outside because *spring*!! We can and can’t wait to ring in the big ONE with you in just a month!

You are ONE. You have opinions and personality and love to laugh. You will yell your way into any conversation you feel you are being left out of and have FOMO about everything. Your twelfth month brought a second vacation, a third head cold, pulling up and cruising on everything, taking a couple steps here and there with something to hold onto, and climbing a flight of stairs. You love most foods including your birthday cake, ducks and reading books. It’s been quite a first year on this planet for you. I’m confident this second one only gets better.

We celebrated at home just the four of us on your actual birthday, then enjoyed celebrating a Greer + Papa double birthday the following weekend. It was quiet and simple, but we loved getting to celebrate with all the orange-themed puns about our “cutie”! Orange you cute?!

Watching you grow has been such a bright spot in the past year! Happy first birthday to our sweet Greer Girl! <3