Greer: Year One, Second Quarter

Four Months

You are a constant chatterbox, love your hands and THUMB the most, are still working on growing some hair, starting to roll both directions, and have a dark sense of humor (you only laugh when we pretend to hurt ourselves!). But your greatest accomplishment yet is sleeping twelve hour nights for over a week (knocking on all the wood). You are 14.6 pounds of joy — Smooching these cheeks is what gets us through 2020!!

Five Months

You are not lacking in personality! You SHRIEK all day long – excited, annoyed, we can’t tell the difference. You are either indifferent or 1000% percent into something, there is zero in between. Mom has gotten into the habit of calling you Greerie, Crew tends to call you smushy, fluffy, or some variation of the two.

You love music, your thumb, your brother’s “comedy” routines (that typically involve jig-type dancing and pretend self-inflicted pain), stroking Dad’s beard, and snuggling with Mom at bedtime.

This month you met your uncle for the first time, had your first official playdate with a friend (FINALLY!), tried first solids (meh…we’ll hold off for a bit), and helped send your brother off to kindergarten. You throws your arm dramatically over your face to take a bottle, would prefer to be sitting up at all times – working on it – and in the last couple of days, all signs point to a first tooth. Looking forward to this next season in which we can continue to get out a little more and introduce you to some of our favorite fall traditions (you KNOW we’re already working on the costume)!

Six Months

And just like that, you’re halfway to one! Like every other month, we celebrate our 2020 ray of sunshine who is 17.2 pounds of chunky goodness. You love to roll to your tummy the second you’re set down, you’re trying desperately to sit on your own (balance is still a work in progress), love scratching every surface and texture with your nails with great interest, and sucking your thumb whenever you’re not busy shrieking and chatting, and looking at yourself in the mirror. You are happy ALL the time except for melting down at a loud noise, or if someone in sunglasses so much as looks in your direction. It’s been the fastest month yet with our girl. We can’t wait to see what’s next!