Toddler Halloween Garbage Man Costume

I always appreciate some costume idea inspiration sooner than later — so today I’m sharing Crew’s costume he’ll be donning in a few short weeks (and who are we kidding, several times before then!).

It was no surprise that of course Crew wanted to be a garbage man for Halloween (the first year he’s had any kind of say!). I had grabbed the vest at IKEA for dress-up (he’s a size 3T and it’s the smallest size they make — Youth XS). To make it a little more special, I ordered an iron-on patch with his name. As much as I love to make his costumes as opposed to buying them, we just had to have a piece of legit merchandise directly from Mecca — this youth size trucker hat was perfect, and he was SO excited when I showed it to him.

DIY Garbage Man Costume and Trash Can |

Obviously, the best way to haul his loot this year would be in what else — a garbage can. We bought a black Sterilite flip-lid style, hit it with some green spray paint, and added a WM decal bought on eBay. Even though it said it was meant for plastic, the spray paint is pretty delicate and scratches/flakes easily, so right before Beggars Night arrives, I’ll probably hit it again for touch-ups.

DIY Garbage Man Costume and Trash Can |

Page added two replacement 7” plastic grill wheels by running a threaded rod through the back-bottom of the can. Eight washers, two nuts, and two stop nuts later, Crew was mobile.

DIY Garbage Man Costume and Trash Can |

To make it easier to pull, Page added a wooden handle that he also sprayed with the same paint. He drilled it directly into the back of the can.

DIY Garbage Man Costume and Trash Can |

Crew has himself a mini-version of the big guy, and he could NOT be more excited!

DIY Garbage Man Costume and Trash Can |

And if you’re in search of more ideas…see how we embraced the pacifier last year when Crew went as a scuba diver (and Dad was the shark who chased him!) and his very first Halloween when he went as Albert Einstein (scroll to the bottom of that post). 🙂 Happy costume planning!

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  • I cannot thank you enough for this idea and plans!!!! We are finishing up our can and my son is going crazy!! Thank you!!!

  • Aw I LOVE that! (And I’m sorry I’m so delayed in seeing this and responding!) Crew is still wearing his get-up around the house and playing with the garbage can ha! Costume and entertainment all in one! 😉

  • Where did you get his hat?

  • Hello! We bought it directly from WM and their online store!

  • Love the costume! I went to
    The WM website…is the hat a youth size? I saw a regular baseball cap but not the trucker hat. There was another option without a picture though. Trying to figure out what it is.

  • Thanks, Jessica! It was a youth size hat, yes — I just went to the section (Kids tab, “low minimum” category) and I’m bummed I don’t see the exact one, but I do see a green baseball hat in a youth size. You might check eBay, that’s where we got the sticker for his trash can!

  • Hi! Did you buy the handle for the trash can somewhere, or did you make it? Thanks so much!

  • Hi katie! My husband made it out of scrap wood we had around — but I would think you could buy one pre made as well!

  • Thanks so much for posting this amazing costume idea! My little dude is going to be so happy when he realizes he’s going as a “garbage can man” this Halloween!

  • Yay!!! I’m so happy another little boy will get to realize his dream! 😀

  • Hi! Love this costume idea! My son would love it! By any chance do you remember where you found the replacement wheels? Thanks so much!

  • LOVE this idea!!! Where did you get the trash can and do you know the gallon size? THANK YOU!!!

  • Thanks so much for the links to the patches and details on the can modifications. My grandson won best overall costume today at a Harley Davidson trunk or treat. Everyone went crazy over the costume.

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