Toddler Halloween Garbage Man Costume

I always appreciate some costume idea inspiration sooner than later — so today I’m sharing Crew’s costume he’ll be donning in a few short weeks (and who are we kidding, several times before then!).

It was no surprise that of course Crew wanted to be a garbage man for Halloween (the first year he’s had any kind of say!). I had grabbed the vest at IKEA for dress-up (he’s a size 3T and it’s the smallest size they make — Youth XS). As much as I love to make his costumes as opposed to buying them, we just had to have a piece of legit merchandise directly from Mecca — this youth size trucker hat was perfect, and he was SO excited when I showed it to him.

DIY Garbage Man Costume and Trash Can |

A search for “garbage man costume” turned up the following sources that inspired me to order a custom patch to personalize his vest (ours came from this Etsy shop), and gave me the blueprint for how to create his very own garbage can. (Is there any better way to haul that candy?!) Both Thrifty Artsy Girl and The Tolberts had posted similar vests with patches and pint-size push cans — perfect!

We bought the same black Sterilite flip-lid style can , hit it with some green spray paint, and added a WM decal bought on eBay. Even though it said it was meant for plastic, the spray paint is pretty delicate and scratches/flakes easily, so right before Beggars Night arrives, I’ll probably hit it again for touch-ups.

DIY Garbage Man Costume and Trash Can |

There are lots of spin-offs on this can that use everything from casters to grill wheels — we opted for the latter, after seeing Sherri’s post here (she does a much more thorough job of explaining this part of assembly!)

DIY Garbage Man Costume and Trash Can |

To make ours easier for Crew to pull, Page added a wooden handle that he also sprayed with the same paint. He drilled it directly into the back of the can.

DIY Garbage Man Costume and Trash Can |

Crew has himself a mini-version of the big guy, and he could NOT be more excited!

DIY Garbage Man Costume and Trash Can |

And if you’re in search of more ideas…see how we embraced the pacifier last year when Crew went as a scuba diver (and Dad was the shark who chased him!) and his very first Halloween when he went as Albert EinsteinĀ (scroll to the bottom of that post).Ā šŸ™‚ Happy costume planning!

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  • I cannot thank you enough for this idea and plans!!!! We are finishing up our can and my son is going crazy!! Thank you!!!

  • Aw I LOVE that! (And I’m sorry I’m so delayed in seeing this and responding!) Crew is still wearing his get-up around the house and playing with the garbage can ha! Costume and entertainment all in one! šŸ˜‰

  • Where did you get his hat?

  • Hello! We bought it directly from WM and their online store!

  • Love the costume! I went to
    The WM website…is the hat a youth size? I saw a regular baseball cap but not the trucker hat. There was another option without a picture though. Trying to figure out what it is.

  • Thanks, Jessica! It was a youth size hat, yes — I just went to the section (Kids tab, “low minimum” category) and I’m bummed I don’t see the exact one, but I do see a green baseball hat in a youth size. You might check eBay, that’s where we got the sticker for his trash can!

  • Hi! Did you buy the handle for the trash can somewhere, or did you make it? Thanks so much!

  • Hi katie! My husband made it out of scrap wood we had around — but I would think you could buy one pre made as well!

  • Thanks so much for posting this amazing costume idea! My little dude is going to be so happy when he realizes he’s going as a “garbage can man” this Halloween!

  • Yay!!! I’m so happy another little boy will get to realize his dream! šŸ˜€

  • Hi! Love this costume idea! My son would love it! By any chance do you remember where you found the replacement wheels? Thanks so much!

  • LOVE this idea!!! Where did you get the trash can and do you know the gallon size? THANK YOU!!!

  • Thanks so much for the links to the patches and details on the can modifications. My grandson won best overall costume today at a Harley Davidson trunk or treat. Everyone went crazy over the costume.

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