Greer: Year One, Third Quarter

Seven months:

You are sitting, still toothless, sleeping closer to twelve hours straight versus ten-ish at night (woo hoo!) LOVE Christmas lights, prefer yogurt to fruits and veggies, and want to YANK anything that dangles in your view. You are happy, happy, happy!

Eight months:

You shriek loudly (happily) about everything (all day long) chatter, blow raspberries, giggle, shake your head dramatically, and occasionally clap when prompted. You love music, your pink blankie, yogurt, feeding yourself, and being allowed to drink from a regular cup (no interest in a sippy). You are sporting a single tooth and get on your belly but just shake side to side and don’t move forward at all ha! That strawberry blonde hair is just barely trying to come in!

Nine months:

We celebrated nine months with a vacation! You loved the change of pace and scenery and surprised us all with how easily you napped and slept in a new place, as long as you had total darkness, your blankie, and a sound machine cranked.

You can get from a sit to a roll but can only army crawl backwards at this point. You love bites of what we are eating, and drinking water from a cup is your new favorite pastime. We hit a nine month separation / sleep regression but it seems to be on the way out!