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Moving Checklist Free Printable

It’s summer…also known as moving season! We’ve done the moving thing four times in our dozen years of marriage, so I like to think I’ve had some practice! I created this checklist last time around and it has been a popular pin in the past few years. I felt it was due a little tweaking and updating. Re-sharing with you all today — I hope it relieves just a little of the stress that comes with relocating!

To download your free copy, click here.

Deck the Halls: Decorating Checklist Printable

I am BEYOND excited to decorate our house for the holidays this year! It will be the first year decking the halls of this house (which means an all-new plan from our townhouse, and some new decor goodies!) and after we spent last December moving in to our new home, decorations of any kind at our new OR old house all fell by the wayside so I’m ready to make up for a year off. If you are like me and prefer to plan ahead, I hope this download today is helpful to you!

I’ll be back later this month with a series of posts on decking our halls for the season ahead (I have already started shopping!), but to get myself (and all of you!) started, I wanted to share this decorating checklist printable to keep you organized and save time and money as you prepare to  festify your home!

If you are like me, I go all out decorating one or two main areas in the house, but still do a few small touches in other rooms as well. I tried to structure this checklist to accommodate that – with DeckTheHalls_Page1 having quite a bit more space to lay plans, but DeckTheHalls_Page2 still has room for additional spaces in your home. Print as many sheets as you need of either page – or make one double-sided copy – as you bring some “fa la la” into your home.

Once you’ve filled everything in, SAVE your printable and stash it with your decorations for next year — it will be helpful in saving time and money as you’ll know what you have on hand (and won’t buy doubles). Notice the “photo taken!” checkbox for each space – be sure to take photos as you decorate and save them somewhere to reference the next year. They can serve as instant blueprints for decorating come next year when you get all the decorations out again!

Gift Buying Checklist Free Printable

First of all, a HUGE “thank you!” to all of the visitors who have stopped by Life In Yellow to pick up the meal planner checklist. Be sure to pick up the latest free printable babysitter notes as well!

You all inspired me to share more of the organizational tools I find myself using in some less-than-cute form and finally take the time the time to actually design a more eye-pleasing version for you all (and heck, myself!).

Consider it Christmas in July…I give you the Gift Buying Checklist. I use this list method to keep track of what I’ve bought, for whom, and approximately how much I’ve spent.

I realize it’s nowhere near holiday time, but if you’re like me, you think of ideas year-round or pick up on mentions of items and jot them down for future reference. I also like to spread out the spending whenever I can, so by fall, I’m in full gift-shopping and stashing mode in preparation for the holidays. Fill it in as you shop, or use it as a planning tool ahead of time to divide out your gift-giving budget, then cross out the items as you purchase them. Use the notes section at the bottom to remind yourself of coupons, tracking numbers for online purchases, and anything else you need to note.

But who says you need to use this just for holiday shopping? Use it to shop year-round for kids’ birthday gifts, or those things you like to have on hand when the day sneaks up on you (mother-in-law’s birthday, best friend’s anniversary). I keep a list year-round and use the “total” section to give me an idea of how much I spent the previous year on gift giving (and yikes…it’s always more than I thought…what can I say, a girl has to shop!).

Hopefully this list, like the meal planner, helps someone in addition to me – I’m a lover of lists and having a game plan. Happy shopping!

To Download: Depending on your browser, you can:
Gift Buying Checklist
A) click this link to open and print the PDF,
B)If the words above don’t show as a link for you, try hovering over them with your mouse and right-click and use the “save as” option to save it to your desktop and open it that way.

Meal Planner Free Printable

Meal Planner Free Printable |
When it comes to meal planning in our house, I have the best of intentions.

Some nights, dinners are better thought out, and some consist of, “There’s a packet of ramen in the pantry, help yourself!” No matter the complexity of the meal, they all require ingredients, which requires the occasional trek to the grocery store. I am a HUGE fan of going to the store with a list…not so much because I stick to it, but because I can ensure I’m not making any more trips than I have to for forgotten items.

In the past, I’ve tried some super-organized grocery list pads. But for me, I don’t need my grocery list to just help me during my store visit, I want it to help me all week long so I can remember what I bought, and for which recipe, so I’m not at home three days later wondering what I bought the can of pineapple chunks for. (I finally remembered…it was for a stir fry.)

Meal Planner Free Printable |

It’s no rocket science, but if you plan your list like I do (by meals and not by store zones), it will hopefully make your life a teensy bit easier…

Meal Planning Printable | www.29thanddelight.comI print this out and use it to make my meal plan and lists, take it to the store, then I hang it in my pantry once I get home. Don’t throw it away like you would a normal list. This way, I have a list of “oh yeah, I was going to make that” meals across the top…or a menu of options for the week, if you will, that I know I have the stuff on hand to make.

I still have space at the bottom to list the random stuff we need that’s not necessarily an ingredient for a dish. And you’ll notice I don’t specify days of the week – we just make what we’re in the mood for each night. We do leftovers at least once a week, thus only four “days” shown. Want more than four? Print it double sided or print two to a page. Better yet, laminate it so you can re-use the wipe-off version time and again.

You can download the printable meal planner by clicking Meals

Happy meal planning in the new year!

Meal Planner Free Printable |