the basement diaries: volume 4

With our pre-drywall inspection complete, it was time to get some real walls up! I can’t emphasize enough how grateful we are that we ended up with a walk-out basement, (you can read more about that discovery during our build here) as this made it SO much easier for the contractors to get the heavy-a** drywall in here, as opposed to carrying it down flights of stairs or hoisting it through basement windows.

We headed to Lowe’s for one last “big” order. Two hours later (seriously) we had ordered our drywall, insulation, all of our various trim, and the cabinets that would make up our bar.

The night before we left town for Thanksgiving, we tag-teamed the installation of insulation throughout the basement. The delivery had shown up a day late and we were crunched for time, knowing the drywall guys would be here bright and early the day after the holiday and this had to be done before then. It was a late and itchy night, but we knocked it out!

So, welcome to the latest progress downstairs…

Last weekend, our crew showed up with fifty-some 10-ft. sheets of drywall. Here’s the play-by-play of their awesome work (we were so grateful to hand this part over to the pros!).

{bar area}

{living room}

Once the drywall was up, and the mud and texture were complete, it was time for paint! Again, we got smart and handed off the painting of all the baseboards, window and door trim, doors, and of course, the ceilings and walls. For those interested, we used Sherwin Williams’ ceiling paint, Glidden PVA Drywall Primer, and Sherwin Williams wood primer and trim paint for the pre-primed trim and wood pieces that will go in our media cabinets (more on that in a later post). As for wall color, I knew I wanted a moodier feel than the rest of the house. I like dark colors in rooms that you want to cozy up and watch a movie – and if we want to watch during the day, the dark color helps absorb overly bright light. I have been in love with the idea of navy since we first decided to start this project. It’s a classic color, but I also like that it’s particularly popular right now in homes. So the living room and hallway/bar area turned SW “Indigo Batik”)…

I know people who agonize over fifty shades of a paint color and I’ve just never had the patience to do that. I usually grab a couple options and pick right there on the spot without so much as painting a sample swatch and somehow, I luck out and end up loving the result. I looked at a couple navy chips and instantly loved the more grey-blue inky tone. I didn’t want a navy so dark it could be mistaken for black, but I also wanted it to be dark enough that it would still clearly be “navy” and not a royal blue. This color worked out perfectly for what I wanted and I would choose it again in a second, if anyone is looking for a navy blue “tried and true” paint recommendation!

As for the bathroom I went with a fun chartreuse shade (SW “Antiquity”). (After I picked the color, I was searching on Pinterest for rooms that had this wall color to get an idea — Better Homes and Gardens is calling it “the new green“.) I wanted a more lively color in this room that is small enough that if I’m over it in a couple years, it’s easy enough to paint. But to offset the classic and muted navy color in the living room, I wanted something bright and a little unexpected in the bath. My plan is to pull this color into the living room via accessories to help blend the two spaces.

All of the trim, like throughout the rest of the house, is SW “Brilliant White” and is ready to be installed. It’s tough to get great pictures down here right now because we have no electricity hooked up beyond the stairwell, but I do think these pictures are coming out pretty true to color. I am love, love, loving the results!

Next, it will be my turn to put in some sweat as we turn our attention to the bar. I will paint and Page will install the cabinets and I will be DIYing our countertop (fingers crossed all goes smoothly!). I ordered the cabinet hardware today and am so excited to see it all come together!

The electrician and plumber will stop by again to hook up the light fixtures and sinks/toilet and Page will install the baseboards. After that, the focus will be on the floors. (we will lay the tile areas ourselves in the bar, entry, and bath, followed by installation of carpet by some pros). We are taking it one week at a time and giving ourselves a break to enjoy the holiday season as well but at the same time, we’re so near the finish line that we’re tempted to just step it up and get it all done. Not sure if we will meet our pre-Christmas deadline yet, but we’re okay either way. If a month goes by and you haven’t heard from us, just sit tight…no sprints here, just one big basement marathon! 🙂

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  • I love the progress and navy is one of my fave colors!!

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  • Great navy paint. We are trying to decide on a lighter grey/blue or a darker navy like this for our basement that we want to repaint. Decisions, decisions….

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